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Social Media is not my main stick. Web-design and small business set-up is my greatest passion but new companies often ask me to handle social media set-ups for them as well. 

Therefore, this is how it works for me: Smaller, more conservative budgets or small businesses wanting to manage their social media in-house, I can get things started for. I align their social media accounts, create their initial branding and also will generate content and manage their initial posts. I can also be really helpful with starting to define and refine their ideal audience on these platforms. 

Anything bigger than this, I usually refer to my main gal and a stellar human I am lucky to collaborative with KAT FLANNERY

Take a look at FULL SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT if you are interested in KAT! 

Otherwise, take a light cruise through some of the accounts I have set-up or executed small budget social media marketing for. 

This is new daycare company I did all the social media set-up for.  I also did the company's initial branding, the landing page, business cards and start-up marketing materials. 

This is example of a very simple start-up social media and marketing package. Maven House Daycare is awaiting its grand opening and therefore, their social media will be managed by someone in house, as they get ball rolling. 

This is one of my favourite client's social media accounts. I have been fine-tuning it to prepare taking these socials and the entire business to the next level. Nancy is an assistant principal who currently does soul telepathy work as a side business. However, she plans to turn this into her full-time job upon retirement.

I will continue collaborating with Nancy to create content and manage her socials. Additionally, I will remain fully in charge of her website and all updates. She is a wonderful person, and her services are truly exceptional.

Take a look at her socials here: @nancy_inspired

Or her website here:

I worked with this company to set up their website, create marketing materials, and launch their social media accounts. My contributions on socials can be noted until November 3, 2023, after which they switched to having someone in house handle everything. 

It was a wonderful company and product line to get the ball rolling for and I am grateful for this set-up experience.  Please note the current website is now being managed in house also and does not reflect the quality of my work any longer.

This beautiful restaurant had been open for 48 years and has now been closed due to the building being sold. 

The restaurant plans to reopen however, in the mean time they have shut down all social media programs. 

I worked for this company for over 3 years with regards to their social media accounts (FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM). I also worked with this company on marketing campaigns and small updates to their Word Press website. 

It was a great social media client for me to practice the ropes on. I was able to build their following from 300 to 1600 in the years I worked with them. This is a highly engaged audience also, meaning it has been cleaned of bots, fake accounts and also uninterested followers.

Again... this was my first work as a social media manager and content creator. I did this for a very low budget and as more of a favour to the restaurant in exchange for the chance to learn through practice. 

It was a wonderful learning experience and taught me many of the "more important" aspects of social media management that you don't learn via the mainstream narrative.