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This site belongs Kat Flannery, the owner of PICCO PRESS. 


She is one amazing digital marketing expert/social media manager and one hell of an author.  She is my absolute favourite person to work with and together we have become a truly dynamic team, empowering great success for every small business we come in contact with. Building this website was a true blessing in getting the chance to honour her and all she inspires in me on the regular.  The site is gorgeous, as she is.. and I feel honoured to create something that compliments and showcase her amazing work!

Golf 360.png

This site belongs to a cutting-edge virtual golf location. With the newest and most interactive technology, plus premium amenities... GOLF 360 is a high-end quality-driven business with a site that matches. This site includes a fair bit of media content, a booking system and lots of updates about events and services available. It is a site that really works for your ever-changing business. Take a look to explore it for yourself. 

Fine Lines Medical.png

This site is for a longtime client of Pico Press. It was a fun collaboration with Kat (Owner of Picco Press) and myself. Playing with the beautiful play on words on "Fine Lines" was a real treat.  Enjoy this site as a little "fine-tuned" co-created work of art. 

Messe Noire Studios.png

Gosh! LOVE THIS SITE. It belongs to a really rad couple and the tattoo shop/studio they have together. Rob is a badass geometric design artist. And Karen is just an all-around hilarious, awesome and talented beauty. This site was particularly wicked to create because I got to work with the incredibly skilled and artistic TIM POTTER, whose photography and videography makes the dynamic aspects of this site so GOOD. Without his work and the badass vibes of the studio... I would not have been able to make this website as unique and impactful. Cheers to this triple threat collab between business, web-designer and tattoo/photography artists. 

Screen Shot 2022-12-03 at 9.02.12 AM.png

This site is one of my favourites because I got to work with such beautiful photography and also got to work with a childhood friend. These people build the most incredible homes in our Canadian West Coast.  Getting to work with such gorgeous craftsmanship and pictures of it all… made this site so much more enjoyable for me!  I also created their logo in partnership with my graphic design artist. So grateful to create this kind of beauty to exemplify a product like this. Definitely explore this site to see for yourself.


Another one of my favourite clients... ( haha I think I LOVE all my clients so so much! )


I have so much fun with these guys and we have a really fun collaborative and co-creative energy amongst us in creating things for their website. These guys know where its at with off-road campers! They also really know how to throw down on business and they have become BEST voted OFF-ROAD CAMPER for 2023! Check out their site! Soon you will be able to see the original site I made from them as well. 

Screen Shot 2022-12-03 at 9.02.29 AM.png

This beautiful lady, and this site, are one of my favourites. It is constantly evolving into something better… which is the gift of evolving together. Nancy has been by my side through many parts of my journey.  Her talents are truly something to learn about. Whether you are a business person and need more perspective on where to head next or on a personal journey and needing some direction… I truly believe in this woman’s wise words and guidance more than anyone! Check her site out now.


This is a secondary site for Nancy Inspired above. This is a simple but professional site she uses for community & education-related speaking engagements. Again... she is a dear friend and one of my favourite people to empower, because of what she does for the world. Visit this site to experience a simple but interactive website or landing page.  

Screen Shot 2022-12-03 at 9.02.59 AM.png

One of my first clients with his beautiful wife!


I got to build this amazing website to help them give their BIG LOVE to the WORLD.  This website is continuously evolving … just like their business… but what I am most proud of is how beautiful this site is. It reflects the beauty of this amazing couple. Check it out.

Body Architects.png

This project was the ultimate dream to work on.


Not only did this align with the wellness side to my personality, but the collaborative creation was so rich with Ryan and his team… I really got to experience so many creative “firsts” for myself , this vision and project.


This project also was very inspiring for me, as we got to bring to life very edgy ideas visually. I got to work with one of my favourite talented ladys, Mel Swerdan. She is responsible for all the videography and photography. She is always up to so many cool things and I look forward to when we get to work together again. Check her out at


This site is a beautiful site for a home building company. Please take a took because it is wonderful on the eyes, as it was really fun to build with such beautiful photography of the homes they have built.


A wonderful and simple site for Canadian Immigration. Fun, plus with the colours and simple style the client was looking for. 


This site belongs to a company I have worked with for many years. They were the first business to take a  chance on me. It has been fun to grow with them through all the changes a new company goes through. Sol Spaces always supports cutting-edge sustainable living ideas and projects, and I now run all their marketing and communications via the web & socials.  I love the research I get to do, plus all the learning I get to bring forth to share with our community. Sol Spaces is definitely a company to enjoy following and learning from as we build this new earth. LEARN MORE NOW!




This site belongs to a dear friend and very successful yogi/business-woman who built this studio all during COVID.  Beginnings Yoga has faced many changes over the past 4 years including multiple changes in location & multiple change in services they provide, however the owner and operator continues to excel and create success no matter what comes her way.   It's a beautiful and fresh site... and it shares things simply which really NICE these days! 


This site was another upgrade that I am in love with. The site before did this artist no justice. David Burch has a lot of experience and talent and his previous site did not represent his art in any form that empowered it to be valued or sold. His new site now continues to transform as DAVIDE BURCH creates more art so please stay tuned. 


This site was designed for a psychologist who loves colour but also wanted the site to be receivable and professional. Although the site's content is very simple... the client and I worked hard to achieve a look she desired. I helped Edith work through setting up her very first personal business. It's always interesting to think of the psychology of a site as you build it, and to fully understand how it affects the "potential client" and also the business owner from all angles. 



This is a simple yet impactful site that was created for a dear friend who is always supporting good causes and doing things for the community. The site focuses on special projects and causes, as well as has an online shop to purchase items that raise funds for the social enterprise and the community always. 

The Cart Locker.png


A wonderful site and company I continue to work with in regard to marketing and web development. These guys have a great product that solves many problems for golfers and golf course alike.  It was simple and easy to "define" the product, which made it fun to put together. Visit the site for a well-laid-out experience of an in-depth business landing site/visual & interactive brochure. All the media components were design by the amazing MAGIC HOUR Media Team and a collaboration between myself and them. 


The site is my personal art piece. Wellness is one of my favourite topics and learning about it is one of my biggest passions. This site is a hub for anyone to explore and learn about what treasures the world has to offer for connecting with ourselves and creating our greatest masterpieces. As the site says, This site is continuously becoming. I am always updating this site with new features; playing with it to have fun learning about all the great features of Wix; and also organizing and using the best of the software to communicate with an audience whom are excited to learn about wellness through the fusion of art and the treasures of this world. Check it out if you would like to learn more...


This site was one of my favourite work "trades" to date! Rhinda is an incredible wellness advocate with an exceptional gift in hypnotherapy. The impact of her services was so incredible... I couldn't be more grateful to build her a website to showcase her work and empower people to be able to book with her, plus do it all in a style she loves. 

Visit this website to take a look at a very unique colour scheme and a very amazing wellness service. 


Lorax Constructors is a unique custom renovation and custom design company. Ian is an artist in carpentry and his refined love for all materials and textures, plus his vast knowledge made him fun to create a sight for. I wanted to reflect his artistic side. 

I really enjoy reflecting a client's character and their passions within a site, and so sites like these are my favourite because I hope to make something the client really likes; shows off their work and also empowers the pride they deserve to have in it. 


Outperform Construction is a renovation company owned and operated by a dear friend of mine. They seek to provide a step above the rest with quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service. 

I love the logo of this company and so I really enjoyed building a site that complimented this. This business is an ongoing client of mine for other social media and marketing needs. And as they grow, I enjoy updating the site to reflect this for them. 


This site is a beautiful site built for a special cause: Addiction Recovery and Mental Health. This site functions as a wonderful way to get people acquainted with Addiction Recovery and to explore the first steps to getting help for themselves or loved ones. They can enroll in courses; learn about non-profit support and also connect with the team in order to ask questions or get the process started. It is a wonderful site for an important cause. 



One of my favourite site make-overs. So so many sites are outdated these days and companies want to charge you $10000 to refresh and renovate. This was an awesome partnership and new friendship where I could empower their ability to be an amazing business, while they could empower so many of my skills. Grateful to have built this site because it lead to many more wonderful opportunities.



Meridian Sustainability Partners is a company looking to empower our world. Ryan, the Founder, is a dear friend and it is an honour to work with him on multiple levels. This project will be a continued project, as the industry and this business evolves further… however this is beautiful start and also a great example how effective a one page site can be. Please contact me if you would like to learn more about one page sites.



This site is no longer available because this very talented Sculptor named Graham Murdoch Robertson has passed away... however, I keep the memory of the site up here to always be reminded of this gentle, handsome and empowering soul and also to pay honour to him being one of the first people who ever paid me for my services.  The artist and man was loved and admired by many and he has a place in our hearts forever and always will.  This site was designed through Wix software and was to showcase his great works. I will miss visiting this site to reminisce his energy and I will miss him in the Physical always. Love you forever Papa Goat



This site belongs to the Wellness Society I founded and co-created with a dynamic group of Women many years ago. I both designed and developed this site over many years. A majority of the content creation was also done be me. It is through this site that my interests in Marketing and Web Design became heightened. I became passionate about communicating to our audience and making opportunities for them exciting and appealing.

The Society is no longer active however I have kept this item present in my portfolio to honour how this all began and to remember the fond memories of what a great group of ladies created together.  This site had member login capabilities and an enlightenment school available to members within the site. 

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