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My mission is simple: to do everything in my power to help your business BEcome successful.

I begin by learning about you and your business, and together we collaborate to create win-win strategies. Within these strategies, we all BEcome more.

I focus on website design, social media, marketing and promotions. I love helping small businesses align their ideas to communicate themselves well to potential clients and also partnerships. I love developing branding through marketing and promotional strategies, and I dig helping organizations strengthen their accessibility online, as well as celebrate and showcase their strengths to others via an internet platform.

I LOVE being part of bringing your business or organization to life.

It is my goal to empower your business to BEcome more successful.

Let's create together. Click here to contact me and let me know your goals and mission. 

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Let's make this easy and fun for both of us. I will take you, step by step, through choosing your web address to working with you for two months after your website is complete, in order to refine the final product.  My goal is to make sure you have a web presence you are in love with. It takes time to develop an essence and fine-tune it. I can get it done as fast as you need it done, however, I allow for a creation period afterwards of up to two months for us to tweak, add and fine-tune the site fully. This gives time for ideas to evolve and the best to come forth. This allows for us to BEcome collaborative and develop a site flow that works well with your business or organization's intentions. 

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I enjoy creating marketing strategies. My goal is to generate awareness of your business in unique and intriguing ways while communicating how you empower our world.

Social Media Strategy Design, Content Creation and Management

  • Together, we design a social media strategy that works for you and the audience you wish to attract.

  • Can include content creation and/or management for social media.


Design and Creation of Marketing Materials, Campaigns or Strategy (Newsletters, Ads, Events & SEO):

  • design materials to be used for Promotion

  • Design marketing Campaigns, which can include newsletters, Facebook ads, kijij postings; or an overall promotional concept and even a promotional event.

  • align SEO preparation and then also can manage SEO productivity. We analyze keywords and make sure your website layout works well for SEO to begin with. We then begin building content and strategy over months to achieve exactly the results you are looking for.


Promotional Agent:

This entails gaining myself personally as your labour force. I go out into the field and become a direct sales or promotional agent for you. My job is to get in front of your customers and learn more about how to effectively educate one about your product or service. This can be done over the phone, via email or in person.


My business is simple: I want to empower your business to BEcome even more successful.


“Mercedes is a Dynamic Leader, her heart is pure and I recommend you work with this Lady at anytime... Her Integrity stands above most.”

— Rhinda Piche

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Mercedes Ann



I have always been passionate about empowering others to realize their dreams while realizing my own. In the past, I co-created and developed a wellness society and charitable organization with an amazing group of women. Together, our goal was to help women create a higher quality of living for themselves (and their families) while realizing their dreams. During the creation of this organization, I also became very inspired & passionate with web design and an organization's marketing strategies. It became important to me to be able to communicate to our audience: to achieve their attention and to create excitement for important information and opportunities which I felt could be empowering to them.

I value helping you transform your business and your life into an energetic flow that really works for you and one that is successful. Whether it be designing a web-site you LOVE or creating a marketing strategy/social media presence that helps you attract your favourite customers more often… I enjoy helping you express your business and your intentions to the world to empower others to get involved and enjoy what you bring to the table.

The two biggest questions I enjoy asking are:

1. What do you want to bring to the world through such a gift as the business you have built? 

2.How can I be of assistance in bringing more clarity, simplicity, flexibility, honour and success to the essence you uphold?



I would love to connect and collaborate.  

Look forward to hearing from you via this form below or feel free to

call me at 780-554-1110.

Namaste and warm wishes. 

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