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Little Auggie's SKIN Transformation
The HEALY in 12 Minutes
This CANCER NEW MOON  (Will put future new moons here)
An in-depth explanation of what is available to you in this New Moon
Podcast to give a listen to...
#148. Tapping into the information field with yoga nidra, astrology & Healy with Jana Roemer
EXPERIENCE Human design.

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A dynamic peek at the experience...
Morgan Doyle shares a 1 min message.
Degree in Quatum Physics, Mother and Gorgeous Human
Click below to receive a 1 MINUTE peek at some of the beautiful things shared in the Sacred Yes experience below. It is so much more than this snippet...  I dare you to check it out.  (haha)        Love From, Me (Mercedes)
The Sacred 
Experience your sacred yes in this LIVE mini workshop recording. 
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Explore the person that inspired me...
Jana Roemer ~ Goddess.png
There is so much  Goodness in everything Jana has to share.  Her honest want to empower the shit of YOU, and every life she comes in contact with, makes her a great mentor and a wonderful connection to the good things in life: the things that create experiences of great worth. 
Visit her Instagram to learn everything  wonderful about HEALY.

(~Highlight Reels Especially)

"If I could add a dimension to your existence, it would be that you long to listen. 


That you desire to hear every single cell of your body through multiple portals of perception in every moment."   Jana

My experiment...
For the past 13 years, I have documented the changes in my face through photographed selfies. My mission has been to get a glimpse into seeing how we change, personally.

I also have been curious about whether we have any impact on our biological makeup. 

More and more we are learning that our genes or DNA are influenced by our social elements and how we actually respond to different stimuli. 

I have always wondered if there was even another layer to this: Are we able to interact with nature and our biology to have some sort of impact or input in creating the artwork of our souls vibrationally?

Well... I still don't have any direct conclusion. However, I am finally going to make my little experiment LIVE and take anyone who wants to join me,  on a journey of testing many things out and seeing what they can do. This device in particular. 

I will explain more about this lil' experiment later however,  if you want to stay tuned... Here is the link to the Instagram page to follow.

LIVE Experiment commences the day after the CANCER NEW MOON - July 18th, 2023

1) FIRST TEST... let's see how this device impacts my eczema (eyes and nose area mainly)
The Love Thyself Project
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The current opportunity...
There are 4 WAYS to explore this further, if you are intrigued. Three of the ways are completely FREE so make sure you READ this whole section so you get all the goodness. 

CURRENT SALE OPPORTUNITY: 35% off the Healy Professional Edition ( Healy PRO - The best version with biofeedback capabilities). Receive the coil, natural cycle program group, and a travel case free. Over $575 in added value.

*The coil is so helpful for use on animals, children or even when wanting to make use of sleep frequencies. 

Many different sales come up each month, so it is just a matter of finding an offer that speaks YES to you. 

If price becomes the only thing holding you back... there are sometimes 60% off sales at certain points in the year, as well as payment plans which I can speak to favorably ( I experienced a payment plan with my Kangen and it was the best decision I ever made as well as the most worthwhile thing I ever paid for). Let me know if either of these options are something you want to know more about. 


I am just sharing this from a heart space because I want you to know what is available to you in this big wonderful wide world (one of the Good THANGS) and I want to empower you to choose your own journey.  

This took me several days and weeks to put this together...haha... so more than anything  I wanted to make this experience for you as beautiful as possible in celebration of the good things you have brought to my life. Nothing else is needed.  

I have so much more I want to fill this page with... so if nothing else... stay tuned and check back here now and again if you are intrigued. 

Here is the direct domain if you want to save it somewhere special.

Otherwise... there are 4 other ways to have some fun if you feel called!

Ask Questions

2) Take the Coach for a Spin.

3) Take the Free Reality Crafting Immersion 

This free course just started and it's incredible already. It can give you a taste of the community and the power of the experience... and you do not need a Healy to join! 
The experience is a  mix of ZOOMs (that can be attended LIVE or by watching the replays whenever it fits your schedule) and a few other tools that are fun to use. It's lead by some really really badass and inspiring women... so it's so worth it. Even just for your own 'life' development.  

Jump in with both feet!

Buy a Healy now and begin your own journey...

The current sale lasts until the end of July. The next sale will come at the beginning of August. The Perfect Sale for you will come at the perfect time if you are hoping for this. I trust this fully, however, if you are excited... I would definitely keep exploring the info. It's incredible and nothing like I have ever seen in all my wild adventures or experiences.

More than anything, I am really grateful we can share big ideas with each other and I hope we always continue to.  


You all mean the world to me!
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Screen Shot 2023-07-09 at 10.45.20 AM.png
My Practice with My Pups
There is so much potential for using this technology with animals because it speaks the very language animals speak = F R E Q U E N C Y

I have joined a vast community of people already sharing their experiences with their animals and the results. 

Right now I am using it with Ganesh to understand his anxiety better and also to help raise his vibration so he is more confident and less likely to act in aggressive ways. It's been hilarious to read the feedback from the pro about what is energetically going on with him! lol 

Porsche... I am using this simply to "check-in": Check-in to where her comfort levels are at 18 years of age (90 % Blind and Deaf) and I will be using the COACH for helping her to peacefully pass in her sleep when she is ready (and hopefully minimize the amount of pain or discomfort, as well as the potential to have to 'choose' when to put her down). We have no guarantee if this works however, Jana and her mother are making use of the coach in this way, as her mother goes through the final stages of life with cancer. 
"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."   Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla_edited.jpg
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